Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas Cards

It is Christmas Card time! I got a big handful today. I have finally learned the lesson--if you want to get Christmas Cards--you have to send them. I usually spend so much time making and selling them that I never get them sent out but last year and this year I made hundreds of cards for my husband's business and mine and for friends. Over 200 sent out to friends. I have received 13. But who's keeping count. All are from church members who send me somber and religious cards--the kind you buy from Christian magazines. I appreciate that they sent them. Really. But --I spent a great amount of time hand making cards for you--HAND MAKING----stop. I am being very unkind.Very un Christian. Very very un Christian. And 200 hundred cards sent out for two years and I get 13 cards!!! ------------------okay. I'm greatful to get 13 cards. After years of getting a card from our bank and our insurance salesman and the dentist--and that was it--13 cards is nice. FAMILY MEMBERS HAVEN'T EVEN SENT CARDS!!!

Calm down. Calmer.....calmer..........2 cards came today from business associates of my husband--they were very funny and very non Christian. I hung them up right next to the card (printed on newsprint--yes--newsprint) of the nativity. I got two of those. CALM.........


It is painfully cold and snow is still on the ground and the steps are icy. I fell down the steps at Church on Sunday. I swear--whomever is sticking those little pins in that bloody doll should really find a new hobby/religion.

It could be that my pain is making me so ungrateful for the Christmas Cards I've received. It could be the cabin fever of not being able to get out much. It could be the frustration of everything in my life for the last 26 years or so--who knows! But I'm ungrateful, and in pain and suffering cabin fever and BEYOND frustrated and no matter how often I read Gladys Taber and her sweet sweet life---and watch Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House or Mickey Mouse cartoons---sigh---

Boy those ladies in the Christian Women's Club are in for a big surprise.

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Shelley said...

Please come visit our was nice to see Gladys Taber's quote on your blog...