Friday, March 14, 2008


This has been a very hard four weeks or so. My husband has had a very bad scare and the girls and I, too. It started out ---well like everybody with kids--one was sick and throwing up and vomiting so much she couldn't even catch a breath and so he took her to the emergency room that night--and they sent them back saying stomach flu. We KNEW that. Any way--she got worse much worse quickly so this time I went back with her to the ER and Phil stayed home and cleaned up the mess by washing the sheets and clothes and that involved going up the stairs to her attic bedroom and going down stairs to the laundry room--several times. Then he came to the ER as well. They gave her an IV and put in stuff to stop the vomiting and diarrhea. We went home at 7AM the next day. Phil had an appointment for his blood pressure and he said he didn't feel like going and besides he'd sprained his ankle--and indeed the whole foot was horribly swollen. But he changed his mind and went. And they took him immediately to the hospital, and immediately to surgery for a massive blood clot in his leg. A good thirty inches of clogged whatever--almost to the vena cava. It had been throwing off little bits for months--maybe years--and making him cough a lot--he felt like he was just clearing his chest--but that isn't what it was.

The surgery took about five hours. My friend and pastor sat with me though the whole thing. The waiting room had a huge glassed in area of live birds. We watched the birds and talked and talked and she knit and I paced and finally the Dr. came out and said his foot may never stop being swollen but he now has a sort of umbrella shaped thing in his vena cava that will stop the little or big pieces from entering his lungs or heart or brain.

I went home and cried and cried. I couldn't sleep. I nearly lost the man who had made life bearable--made life funny and taken care of me and my kids and my kids kids for twenty eight years! Next morning I was there as soon as I could get there leaving the oldest to take care of the youngest, I visited with him for a few minutes but I felt horrible so I said I'll go home and rest but on the trip back to our town I passed out and the car went off the road and I called 911. They came and I'd thrown up all over and I told them I'm diabetic and they took my blood--my blood sugar was horribly low I refused to go to the hospital so they gave me a horrid sugary drink--took my blood sugar again and left. I barely got home before I threw up again. I was so sick, and my youngest was so sick and I talked to Phil and he was vomiting and had diarrhea and then the girls called the 911 again because they couldn't get me to respond and I was taken to ER and given an IV and stuff to stop the vomiting and so on--and got home again just when the oldest got sick.

It wasn't flu--it was food poisoning.

Oh--and our toilet broke and we had no toilet for many hours until a new one got put in.

So anyway--here we are-- a month from all that---thinking life is great and good and damned if my husband didn't go for his final check up and the sonogram showed the leg has a gigantic blood clot again. Despite taking the non clotting medication--he has another surgery on March 26th.

I have spent a great deal of time praying and pleading and hoping and wishing for every thing to go well for just a while--you know--just a break from crap. But no.

Even my pastor who is also my best friend can't believe the stuff we go through.
I'm just telling ONE thing that happened. You wouldn't believe the ALL of it.

I oughta write a book--but who'd believe it?

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