Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Am I Really here?

I looked up my name on the internet--years ago--but I look it up again every now and then to find out how the other woman who has my name is doing. She is pretty big stuff in the Northwest. Government, Universities, Alumnae and so much more than me. I'm in the internet, don't get me wrong. You can get old copies of my books everywhere. But not GOVERNMENT or UNIVERSITIES or ALUMNAE or newspaper articles. I didn't graduate from college (truly my only regret in a life that ought to be full of regrets) and as an alumnae of Kimball County High School, well...that doesn't get in the press much. I'm involved in government. I never miss voting

Speaking of voting-- the Democratic caucus will be held soon. I want to go. I've never done it before. I'll be a Virgin caucus goer. I want my chance at the very beginning of it all. Since my one vote doesn't really help elect a President--I'd like my one vote to help elect the person who goes to the Convention and casts a vote for whomever my vote won't matter for in November. It may seem I won't matter here and now either, but I'll be closer than ever. I'm really looking forward to that.

Now I think of it --that other woman who has my name in the Northwest--her vote doesn't really count in the Presidential election any more than mine. I hope she goes to her local caucus. She'll really matter there.

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