Saturday, September 20, 2008


This is a stunning time in Western Nebraska--I'm crazy for the wonderful fulsome air crisp yet heavy, and the general sense of everything on the ground putting forth it's best last effort and flowers and grass and fields and lawns are dressed to the fullest blowsy overdone sexy woman mother earth hues.

In spite of ethanol ruining the vast magnificent 8 ft tall sunflower fields, volunteer sunflowers are in bloom everywhere. Alongside all roads, in cracks of tar and cement-they follow the sun and give off an aroma that can only be called "birdseed sunflower yellow". There are low lying corn fields with dew clouds hanging over them and the few cottonwood trees that follow the Platte look like elegant floating plants in a massive pond of white mist. The Bluffs which look like a city skyline needing only lights to make it so loom into sky so incredibly blue you can't believe you can't find that color at a paint store.

In spite of Republicans everywhere--Nebraska is beautiful.

Really--really SPITE

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Margaret Evans Porter said...

Checking in and glad to see you're blogging. Congratulations on the new job.