Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Life Changes

At work I take calls all day from people in Texas--good thing they don't read this because they think I'm "North Of Dallas" which --technically and realistically-- I am--a long way North of Dallas. This week the calls have been heartbreaking. Their lives have disappeared.Where there was a home and trees and flowers and memories there is now timber and iron looking like jackstraws and pick up sticks.But all the tears I'm hearing are getting to me. I cried when I got home yesterday. It is so horrible to hear it in the context I hear it. They are desperate and I am only slightly able to help (I do all I am allowed).Today an invalid woman was telling me how they thanked God thier power was only off for 4 days.And following that call a woman called from another state to say to cancel their accounts their house in Galveston doesn't exist anymore. They had beach home. Now there is just beach.

It makes my worries so tend-able. So easy--so who are you kidding wih this list of piddly crap?God has BIG THINGS TO TAKE CARE OF!

I wonder if Rappers and football players ever make that realization?

God has bigger things, he may take care of birds in the field and the lilies but the real thing about that is birds take care of themselves and flowers have gardeners and his time is spent on bigger needs.We should be able to handle things ourselves.

I'm sure someone will disagree, but no one will see this--so screw 'em.

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