Saturday, October 18, 2008

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Having a blog can make you feel guilty for living such a mundane life. Yesterday was about as mundane as it could get.I got up.I got a latte at Jax's. I went to work. I pissed off somebody about their bill. I made someone bless me about their bill. I went to Culver's and had a deep fat fried everything.I went home. The girls were gone, one working, one with her friend. Phil was watching TV and no one had fed the cats or cleaned the cat box or done the dishes or ironed or vacuumed or picked up or cooked or anything at all. So I went to bed. Go with the flow.

I should have titled this Blah Blah Blah.

There is a web site call Second Life. You can go there and make an avatar.A cartoon person you want to be. You can pick your body, eyes, hair,career or lack there of, fame and fortune are all chosen by you. But then you have to pay for it with their money and to pay for their money you have to use real money so your avatar becomes just another bill in your boring life. You may become a rock star or porno Queen or a fashion fiend in your Second life, but your first life is paying for it. You have to pay rent or buy land and then pay to build on it and you have to pay for clothes and everything else. I'm appalled. I'd call that place God's way of saying you have either way too much money or way to little life. Even my mundane life only costs what I earn, why on earth would I want to pay for another life as well? Should anyone actually read this--I'd be interested to know what you think about an avatar, real money buying fake money and true life versus Second Life.
PS--the only thing I really loved about that site was the scenery--like out of that Robin Williams movie where his wife committed suicide and he went to her hell to put her back in their perfect heaven.Can't think of the name of that movie, but wow--the scenery was to die for.

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