Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Voting is Fundamental!

My husband and I voted this morning at the elementary school gym three blocks from our house. The women at the desk were all friends of ours from church, piano tunings or the library. In other words we didn't need to tell them who we were or even tell our party affiliation, they all knew. The voting is secret, pencil marks in ovals that get put into a case that is dumped into a box to be counted later. But everybody knew who we voted for. The signs in the yard everyone passes every day told them that. And not one of them was anything but sweet and kind and I am so surprised. The signs stayed put in the yard, even on Halloween. The city has not given us any kind of backhand for daring to be Democrats. Yet.

We went out to eat at a converted train depot and the regulars were having a joke fest. One said he couldn't wait until Pimp My Ride drove up to the White House to Pimp out Air Force One. Everyone laughed. I even laughed --but I was laughing because these farmers and lawn care specialists and insurance salesmen were joking about the outcome--and they expected it to be Obama. Regardless of the snide, low joke-they fully expected him to win. I had my laugh because I expected to hear John MCCain and Sara Palin leading the world jokes but no--it was all Obama.

It made me happy. Nebraska splits the electoral vote . Only Nebraska and Maine do this. The Republicans are all over this wanting to change the law. The Democrats are all over this, wanting the law to stay the same. Nebraska never matters to elections. My vote has never matterd but the one time in 1968. Never. Not since 1968 did we matter. My Democrat vote was as if the Republican wind had taken it and blown it away. (In Colorado too) Our one electoral vote for a Democrat makes a difference this time.My vote makes a difference. I hope every one capable makes their vote count. Aren't we lucky? We were born here.

I pray it really does make a difference.

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