Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Pigs do fly, hell does freeze over and the bear does #$%^ in the woods. A White/Black man is President of the United States. There is a God, at least I think so.

But Nebraska did not pull it out of their--well--it went Republican and my little vote didn't matter.

Oh well, it FEELS like it mattered. I'm happy today. I cried 4 years ago. Sobbed that night. I couldn't believe it 8 years ago and cried then too. Today and last night I laughed. Oprah wept, Jesse Jackson wept, some tv people wept, I laughed. I am elated. I am sky high with the sheer bloody joy of it. America is not the racist, war mongering, money only belongs to the rich and screw the poor and hard working every man. Nor are we the joke Sara Palin and John McCain tried to make out we were characterizations, jokes, I felt, to them and it was belittling to be called Joe the Plumber ,and Barney the Clown--And only someone smarmy would not see it. They were smarmy. Barrack was knowledgeable, wise, and never talking down even though he could discern the reasoning of mid America.

Still--Nebraska voted Republican. I don't have numbers yet-but I still bet it will be the largest Democratic turn out in decades.
I'm quite proud.

But the cutie pie did not make it as a Democrat Senator. Oh well--try again KLEEB FOR SENATE!!2011

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