Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Accidents happen

It's been quite a wild ride since New Years.

I don't want to go into all of it but Annie broke her leg skiing and then had surgery because it wasn't healing and now has two screws . She is on crutches which made the first meeting of the Euro trip a "trip"--it took all three of us to get her from place to place (and keep the unbelievably self centered space cadet musicians from knocking her over or stepping on her). But we did treat it as our vacation--so swimming and hot tub and eating out and 3 fun days--except for the surrounded by teenagers part.

I can't wait until she is off the crutches. Alyssa can't either since she now does the dishes all the time. We have to take her a lunch at school each day--there is only one cafeteria 7 blocks away so the kids all walk every day--so I'm getting food to her in blizzards and rain and MORE self centered teenagers---don't get me started--

Alyssa was nominated for National Honor Society. She had to be forced to fill out the papers. She said they won't choose her anyway. I said they won't choose her definitely if she doesn't fill out the forms. Well--I said the words but I was yelling them. Sheesh. Just because she hasn't yet been chosen to be a cheerleader after the six times she's tried doesn't mean she won't ever get anything. It just means she needs to raise her sights!

Even with being out of school for two weeks and not making it through the whole school days yet--Annie is on the straight A honor roll. Alyssa is on the B honor roll. They have been consistantly on honor rolls---and the experts told me they might need to be in special ed.

And my life is still on hold.


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